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BUSTOPS® Software Details

BUSTOPS® is a full-featured student transportation management system that operates on personal computers and compatibles. The software has features to help you manage your transportation including customized reports, mapping and graphics, boundary analysis, automatic assignment of students to stops and routes, automatic route optimization. BUSTOPS® program can track safety isssues for stops and print the relevant information on route reports. School districts purchase modules to meet their individual needs. As added capabilities are needed, you can build on existing modules.

BUSTOPS® Student Transportation Management System

School districts input existing transportation information into student, school, vehicle and stop databases. All these data, expecially student details, can be downloaded from other existing computer programs and loaded automatically into BUSTOPS® files. Then you can use the software to:
  • Perform queries on students, routes, schools, boundaries.
  • Match students to stops.
  • Calculate time of pickup.
  • Move stops from route to route.
  • Print route reports and maps.
  • Graphically map students, boundaries and streets.
  • Create customized SQL scripts for various procedures including annual student grade advancement.

BUSTOPS® with Single Route Optimization

Includes all of the features of student transportation management plus this module adds capabilities to:

  • Optimize the sequence of one route at a time.
  • Easily and automatically create optimum route paths and drive directions for all your routes.
  • Print reports with turn details.
  • Automatically determine left or right side pickup and drop-off information for students and print safety reports for drivers with this crossing detail for each student.

BUSTOPS® with Multi Route Optimization

Includes all of the above features of student transportation management and single route optimization. The addition of MicroAnalytis' proprietary multi-vehicle, multi-parameter route optimization algorithm provides a powerful tool for improving transportation efficiency. The resulting capacity of BUSTOPS® to develop bus assignments and routes totally "from scratch" is unmatched by any other program because it considers more detailed time restrictions and a wider variety of parameters. This module gives districts the features to:

  • Automatically create optimum routes for an entire fleet of buses from parameters such as maximum student ride time, school start times, numbers of students and bus time and capacity restraints.
  • Perform "What if" scenarios.
  • The program allows many user controls and overrides:
    • Multiple pickup and drop off locations for students.
    • Routing of students to intermediate routing destination (transfer point).
    • Special route requirements coded by the user
    • Different driving speeds for individual roads or parts of roads
    • Observes permitted time "window" for student arrival at each school
    • Allows the user to manually direct the designation of the routes
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